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Pottery Making Experience


Pottery Making Experience

Every single country has its immovable national treasures. Also Cappadocia of Turkey has a few different treasures. Red clay of the Red River, wools and skins of the animals, stones and glasses of volcanoes were used throughout the history to maintain the life. Even families tested boys and girls with these professions for marriage.

Places to visit;

  • Pottery Demonstration and Trying (Each Person will try)

Pottery Demonstration and Trying

With 4000 years old history  pottery making awaits you. Red River supplies the clay for you to experience this fascinating tradition of Cappadocia. Local families in the town Avanos-the art center of Cappadocia- who make the unbelieveable pottery with different designs and shapes can welcome you. You can visit one of them to learn all the process and try making it.

Pottery making is well known immovable treasure of Cappadocia and it can be experienced with this programme. Don’t miss the chance to learn long story behing the old professions!

You will have a chance to buy some fascinating stuff for your home from these preserved families.

What are included?

  • Transfer (Pick up and drop off)
  • Traditional Soft Drinks
  • Explanations of the process from family members
  • Experience of trying from 10 to 15 mins


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